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We deliver across Mumbai & suburbs from Chembur & Lower Parel. Connect with us today and the Roast will be on its way to you!

What is 230°Celsius?

Its a slow-spinning, oven roasted yard bird at the highest temperature of roasting (ideal only for chicken) which is 230°Celsius.

Collectively, the brand 230°Celsius is a hustle to create experiences treated like a celebration of food and design. Harmony, civility and camaraderie define shared meals. 

We believe in our whole roasted chicken as a great story-telling device that encourages and inspires people to talk, engage and learn from other people’s thoughts, history and experiences.

We offer a 24 hour marinated whole chicken roast with 8 varieties of marination and multiple sides to go along with it.

 If you want chicken with no artificial colours or flavors, no added hormones and with no added MSG 230°Celsius is the place to get yourself a savory Protein and carbohydrate fueled feast (not just a barbecue a.k.a. tandoori meal).

Calling all the Nomads: We are primarily a delivery kitchen Our packaging meets the requirements to keep the roasts, veggies and jus (gravy) safe and warm. We deliver through UBER Go / share which is paid by the clients at the time of collecting the roast.

What people are saying…

The chicken was real juicy and yummy. Also there was a guide for how to dissect the chicken so that was not a pain area.

The roast was perfect, the spices were properly used and the complimentary boiled corn and mashed potatoes were adding a different flavour to that chicken.

The simplicity of the roast chicken was a part of its appeal, yet the bird had a nice flavor boost .The roast was just perfect : golden brown and gleaming, tender and juicy.
Consistent flavours, and at no given point there were spells of having bland meat .

The packaging was a 10/10 for me.

My personal favourite was the Jamaican Jerk roast combined with their plum sauce which is a must try.

Simply out of the world chicken. Tried their peri peri chicken and chipotle chicken roasts and both were amazing. It takes a great deal of expertise to actually keep the entire chicken this succulent and juicy. I would love to keep on trying their all flavours.

If you are a person who likes to create or celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays with some classic Roasted Chicken you should definitely try out this place. 230 Celsius have different types of authentic, classic and traditional Rosted chicken dishes.

The chicken very well marinated with the peri Peri sauce. It prefect softness and well cooked. They also serve salad and fries along with it. This entirely reminds me of traditional celebration of festivals like Thanksgiving, Christmas and etc. If you want celebrate this Christmas season in traditional way you can definitely order from here.

Health & Safety at 230°Celsius

Temperature Tracking

Real-time temperature tracking of kitchen & delivery staff.

Contactless Delivery

For extra safety, we offer an option for contactless delivery.

Health Check-ups

We perform regular health check-ups for all our staff members.


Medically certified kitchen staff


Stringent Quality Checks


No artificial colours or flavours

Everyone at the 230°C kitchen wears a mask at all times.

A daily body-temperature log is maintained for all the staff members.

The frequency of hand-washing has increased to once every 1 hour.

The frequency of kitchen surface sanitization has gone up to once every 4 hours.

Food is cooked at a high temperature, using exceptional produce from certified traders.

Food is delivered in an enclosed, sealed package to avoid contamination.