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Whether paired with aromatic herbs, piquant spices, or savory vegetables, Ashwin Yesodharan (an engineer), the Chief (moreover Charming) Roasting Officer has developed his best recipes for succulent, flavorful whole roast chicken. 

No, we are not into plating! Instead, we create a culinary adventure with all the carving and cutting rather than offering a meal (meat) just to fight hunger. We attempt to render a sense of ceremony and generosity as we bring it to your table. 

Shruti Kande (an architect), the co-founder, Chief Design and Brand Evangelist has a functional yet poetic design edge for the packaging, creatives with smart info-graphics and photography.  She has a bespoke approach towards innovation, quality check and our brand strategy. 

What is 230°Celsius?

Its a slow-spinning, oven roasted yard bird at the highest temperature of roasting (ideal only for chicken) which is 230°Celsius.

Collectively, the brand 230°Celsius is a hustle to create experiences treated like a celebration of food and design. Harmony, civility and camaraderie define shared meals. 

We believe in our whole roasted chicken as a great story-telling device that encourages and inspires people to talk, engage and learn from other people’s thoughts, history and experiences.

What we offer

Chicken with all the accoutrements! Slathered in gravy! Our stellar roast is served family style.

230°Celsius team offers an Exclusive meal for all the 3 generations of the tribe, kids, millennials , and their folks.

Being a significant part of global cuisine and holding a festive inheritance (the grandeur of sharing a Roast) we intend to indulge Expats, Travelers and their eager Mumbai –ite comrades too.

Our varieties in the marinades cater to various parts of Indian cuisine as well as Thai , Italian and a few more experimental seasonal combinations for the avant-garde experience.  

It is also the best keto diet for all the gym freaks with top fitness goals who are abundant. (sorry vegan guys 🙂

Food that is nourishing, healthy and natural. If you want chicken with no artificial colours or flavors, no added hormones and with no added MSG 230°Celsius is the place to get yourself a savory Protein and carbohydrate fueled feast (not just a barbecue a.k.a. tandoori meal)

P.S. For individual / size zero orders we offer a half and quarter roast.

We have also introduced drumsticks and Poppers for individual orders or at events.

Calling all the Nomads: We are primarily a delivery kitchen Our packaging meets the requirements to keep the roasts, veggies and jus (gravy) safe and warm. We deliver through UBER Go / share which is paid by the clients at the time of collecting the roast.

Hour Marination

We are firm believers in the longer-the-better with marinated meats. It’s a way of life at 230°C.

 Each of our roasts comes with a choice of any 3 of the following veggies:

  • Fresh broccoli
  • Julienned Carrots
  • Potato wedges
  • Sweet potatoes wedges
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Burnt garlic and caramelized onions
  • Spicy red &yellow bell pepper
  • Caramelized pineapple (suggested with Bhut jholokia).

Add-On Stuffings (additional pricing):

  • Bacon with herbs  (with Italian / Thai)
  • Classic Bread and Onion  (with Italian / Thai)
  • Egg  (with spiced Roast)

Sides such Creamiest Mashed potatoes and Mushroom herb gravy have been very popular.

We have also introduced the Smoked Chicken Salad especially for summers.
We are constantly Perfecting new recipes to add to the menu.

Cooking isn’t a beauty contest, nor is a fashion show for us.

Infinitely more glamorous to eat than it looks.

A great pomp and ceremony as the meat goes out.

Followed by a procession of sauces and vegetables.

The tumble of spring vegetables next to the Whole Roast #gorgeous!

You can expect an approving hum as it arrives at the table.